The Walk4Hearing is about sharing an experience, learning from each other, making memories, and taking the first step toward better hearing health. Participating in the Walk means joining thousands of people across the country and right in our neighborhoods who understand what it’s like to live with hearing loss.

June 13, 2021, was our area’s Virtual Walk for the HLAA Walk4Hearing. There wasn’t a walk in Colorado so Western Colorado Chapter of HLAA joined the Nashville Walk4Hearing Group.  On the Team Honor Roll, Western Colorado came in first, raising $3,005.  On the Walker Honor Roll Pamela Kreps raised $1,520, Amy Becktell raised $1,000, Dennis Becktell raised $285 and Denice Roberts raised $200. We wish to thank all who supported us.
You can still donate until July 19th CLICK HERE to select the team member you want to support!

After watching the festivities on Zoom, the four of us got together at Spoons for a celebratory brunch and pictures!

Keep in mind, one in seven Americans are living with some degree of hearing loss! Hearing is an important part of overall health and the Walk4Hearing calls on all of us to take action. By being active, engaged, and making hearing health a priority, people with hearing loss can live well. Let’s Hear Now and Be Well Together. It all starts right here in our own community with generous people like you, who are willing to step up and support HLAA.