Hearing Loss Association of America
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Saturday, February 13, 2021
10:30 am – 12:00pm

Via ZOOM with automatic captions.
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OR CALL: 1.346.248.7799

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am so glad it is 2021.
I am looking forward to our presentation this month by Todd Hallberg, Engagement Manager, Cochlear Americas, “Are your hearing aids still enough? A discussion about Implantable hearing.” Our January meeting was held using Zoom with Zoom Automatic Captions.
It seemed to work well.
Amy reviewed the changes in the Rural Interpreting Services Project (RISP).

1. “Signing Up for Zoom” – presented by Senior Planet


2. “How to Use Zoom to Stay Connected” – presented by AARP in collaboration with Senior Planet.

This is what Zoom looks like on your computer.
This is a picture from our January Zoom meeting, demonstrating automatic captioning.

If you have not used Zoom, here are two captioned videos with some helpful hints to get ready for the meeting.
You can also contact Denice at 970-241-0315 x 29 and she will help you get set up.
She works Monday – Thursday 9-5.

Upcoming Meetings:

March 13th, Pam Kreps, Pinnacle Hearing Aid Center, topic to be announced

April 10th, John Anderson, CFI Consumer, topic to be announced

May 8th, TBA

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