Hearing Loss Association of America
Western Colorado Chapter
Free Monthly Meeting
November 14, 2020
2nd Saturday of the month (NOTE CHANGE)
Via ZOOM with captions

ZOOM offers the Chapter a way to hold meetings online!
We will be discussing how to use Zoom,
changes in the leadership( Denice Roberts will be group leader, Amy Becktell will be treasurer)
and meeting times.
Group discussion about the ramifications of the pandemic
for people with hearing loss will also be discussed.
Click on the link to join our November 14th meeting
1.346.248.7799 – Meeting ID: 607 399 7192000000

Our October meeting via Zoom, honored Amy and Dennis Becktell for their 10 years of devotion to the HLAA Western Colorado Chapter.
Both received plaques, pictures of the plaques can be seen on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HLAAWCO

For questions or further information contact:
Denice Roberts: [email protected] or [email protected] or 970.241.0315 x 29

More about the Hearing Loss Association of America: www.hearingloss.org
More about the Western Colorado Chapter: www.hearinglosswco.org
More about the Center for Independence: www.cfigj.org


Upcoming Meetings:
December 12, 2020: TBA
January 9, 2021: TBA