Our Western Slope Chapter of HLAA receive the following notice
from Hearing Tracker:

Hi All – Hearing Tracker is conducting a survey of hearing aid users that includes a question about telecoils. Of course, for the two thirds (2/3rds) of hearing aid buyers who have never been told about telecoils or exposed to hearing loops, any of them participating in the survey may well indicate that the ability to connect to a hearing loop with telecoils is not important to them. This could lead to the obvious conclusion by the designers of the survey that the ability to access sound being broadcast by hearing loops is not a concern to most HA buyers.

The results of the survey may be shared with decision makers at manufacturers of HAs and CIs and the leadership of big box HA retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club so I encourage you to click on the link below and participate in the survey.

https://www.hearingtracker.com/hearing-aids/personalized-match-survey?fbclid=IwAR0ypE3hhmI ZpYhyoeTrP_nWilcVobAZlvwayuxnJSV0NJgw1G7lC22c04k

Dr. Bailey, AuD Chief Executive Officer of Hearing Tracker has spoken at the HLAA’s Annual National Convention and is a leading expert on consumer technology in the audiology industry.