Hearing Assistive Technology

We need volunteers to help us share information about Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT). We have purchased the following equipment with a grant from the Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The following HAT is available for demonstration. To schedule your demonstration please contact Amy Becktell at [email protected] or 970-241-2592.

The Center for Independence has a wide variety of assistive devices to help with hearing loss. Contact Joanne or Denice at the Center for Independence 970-241-0315 to schedule an appointment.

Comfort Contego

Purpose: Personal listening device

A variety of assistive listening devices that will help those of you with hearing loss. From wireless digital assistive listening devices to devices that help with areas with a lot background noise such as school, work, or restaurants. Listen and talk with one wireless device.

Portable Induction Loop

Coil to use with headphone. 

Oval Window Portable InfoLoop Induction Loop System with External Clip Mic

Purpose: Small range induction loop. T-coil users can use it or it can be used with a headphone. Can be used in a small 3-5 feet area. Examples: Bank windows, ticket windows, desktop.

UbiDuo 2

Purpose: Face-to-face communication technology with a person who can’t speak or hear.

The UbiDuo 2 is advanced face to face communication technology that is the latest evolution in hearing loss. Not only does the UbiDuo 2 have touch screen capabilities, but it is also easily portable, light, and can be wireless or wired.